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This is the world’s first content hosting service that can take your written blog and transform it into an audio podcast. Using our new service, your written words can become well-spoken audio. that your audience can subscribe and download from iTunes or any of the popular podcast directories.

For a small monthly fee each content creator will get their own WordPress website they can totally customize, and podcast media hosting distributed across the world via our CDN.

They’ll also get advance podcast statistics which track how big the audience is and how they found you.  And of course, they get access to our full integration of Amazon Polly, the technology that powers our amazing text to speech capabilities.

The best part is you don’t have to do anything other than post your blog.  Everything happens automatically and with zero technical knowledge, you can turn your amazing blog, news story, sports scores or other text information in to an MP3 for your website vitsitors and podcast subscribers to listen to.

Anouncer is a product of VentureTechnica and made in Upstate, NY.
For more new media products and services visit VentureTechnica.com today.

All podcasts can be automatically wrapped in pre-produced intro and outro audio files which, can be used to open and close your podcast, or provide an advertising monetization opportunity.

Listen now for a sample audio commercial added at the end of this podcast.

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